Large Garden Weed Treatment (to 2400m²)



Do you avoid using nasty chemicals to control weeds around your property? It’s not a bad idea with many people suffering adverse symptoms and sometimes even worse. Which may or may not have been associated with products containing glyphosate.

  • At STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat, we have found an organic weed treatment liquid that works. It may be slightly less effective than products containing glyphosate but the difference is hard to identify. We do not use any weed treatment other than those formally registered as organic garden products.
  • The active constituent of the weed treatment is 525 g/L of nonanoic acid. Therefore, as long as application of the product is completed in a professional and thorough way there is little risk to surrounding plans, animals or humans.

As a matter of fact, it is certified for use on organic certified gardens. Even though we are told it is very safe, as a retired emergency worker we will take no risk ever. Weeds can be time consuming to pull by hand. We have tools that make it a little easier but combined with this organic weed treatment the control of weeds is almost assured.

If you already mow your own lawn and trim your hedges call us in to support your war against weeds. Good Luck.

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