Green Waste Removal (5m³)


Green Waste Removal (5m³)


Is your yard looking a little untidy with grass clippings and other green waste. Well why not order our green waste removal service. Some bookings use this service in conjunction with other services. Even if you want a small amount moved and no other service, give us a call or book online.

We  remove your green waste, which will then be made into mulch by the disposal services we use. So you can feel good about the whole process by ordering green waste removal will help, even if only in a small way, limit the effects of climate change.

green waste removal by STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat

Green Waste Removal and the environment

With the current state of the environment and the newfound focus on improving it, green waste removal is the obvious choice for cleaning up and disposing of any unwanted refuse and debris after working on a job site. Many people fail to realize how many different materials can be recycled and reused if appropriately handled, and as this is the case, it becomes the duty of the disposal service to ensure everything is disposed of as efficiently as possible. It can be challenging to trust some companies to make sure the job is done correctly. For that reason knowing more about the subject is your best guard against receiving sub-par service for something that is most likely a great financial and time investment on your part.

The green waste extracted from these gardening tasks can be treated in two possible ways. The first being is composting and using it as a natural fertilizer for the garden and the second disposing of them with the help of professional removalist. It isn’t possible to compost in your yard if you have less space. The best option is to dispose of them in the safest way where you could hire skip bins and hire removalists to get rid of them.

Regular waste disposal companies, such as the one that handles your weekly refuse, will often overlook recycling materials only because it requires extra effort and does not fall within their job description. As this is the case, countless tons of recyclable material is thrown haphazardly into the trash because of negligence and laziness. Some waste companies cannot handle the increased load and refuse to take these materials at all. At that point, it becomes a necessity to hire people who will do the job and do the job correctly.


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