Ask for a quotation for properties greater than 1300m2


Includes Mowing/Trimming & Clean up*
“Total” property size Greater than 1300m2*
Please ask for a quotation:
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* The cost associated with this service ($0.00 is false) – please do not order.


Please ask for a quotation!

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Select one of our other services:

Note: All the following services include mowing trimming and the general clean up of grass clippings.


  1.  One month overgrown service
  2. Two month over grown service
  3. All lawn clippings removed offsite
  4. Organic weed treatment
  5. Hedge Trimming Max 1.2m Height & 10m Long
  6. Hedge trimming max 2.4m height & 10m long
  7. Lite Gardening Service
  8. Moving in/out cleanup


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