3. Medium Garden Mulching


To 30m² (i.e. 1m x 30m)


Mulching can have a number of benefits for your garden. It helps to suppress weed and retain moisture on those hot summer days. Mulching can beautify the garden and enhance the overall look and value of your property.

Our process

Before laying the mulch we generally give the garden a clean up and apply a weed organic weed suppressant. The garden mulch is applied at a depth and or area (m²) recommended by the manufacturer. Pea straw and sugar cane will be between 25mm and 50mm and the wood chips at around 25mm.

The best time to apply mulch is over spring and summer. Then in the winter it will have broken down a little and shouldn’t over saturate the garden beds.

garden mulch
Our garden mulch main features:

Sugar cane:

  1. Insulates soil surface,
  2. Retains moisture and suppresses weeds
  3. Provides an attractive finish to garden beds
  4. Encourages soil organisms and earthworm activity
  5. 100% BFA Certified Organic
  6. 100% Australian Owned & Made

Pea Straw:

  1. Ideal for vegetable gardens, roses and fruit trees
  2. High nutrient and nitrogen content
  3. Encourages earthworm and microorganism activity in the soil
  4. Protects plant roots from temperature extremes
  5. 100% Australian owned and made

Wood Chips:

  1. Reduces weed growth
  2. Retains moisture
  3. Helps regulate soil temperature

Additional information

Medium Garden Mulching

Sugar Cane or Pea Straw, Wood chips


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